What to Eat After Your Yoga Practice

There are people who prefer to do yoga early in the morning, and others who like to end their day with some relaxing yoga poses. In each case, there are some foods that will help you boost your energy and keep you hydrated, after your yoga practice. The most common tip is that you must eat within the next hour, something rich in fats, protein, and carbohydrates. Let’s find out which foods are the most beneficial for every moment of the day and after your yoga training.

Early Yoga

If you are the morning type and you like to do your yoga workout before going to work, then you must also learn which post-yoga breakfast is best for you. Since it is most likely that you completed your routine on an empty stomach, you may want to eat everything you can find in your kitchen. Hold on tight and prepare a nice, healthy breakfast. Don’t forget to drink a lot of water too.

You can try some scrambled tempeh or toast with veggies. Complete your breakfast with a healthy smoothie with any fruit you want. Alternatively, you can have a banana along with almonds and raisins. Or, if you want something a little more complete, prepare a nice bowl of oatmeal or quinoa with walnuts and berries.

Lunchtime Yoga

This is the hardest time of the day since your body is hungry for lunch, but you must eat something light in order to get through the routine. After yoga, your body will desperately need some energy, so you have to be prepared. Some healthy lunch ideas are hummus with veggies, a sprouted wrap with beans or a large green salad with beans and avocado. This will make you feel fuller; while it will boost your energy and help you burn the fats from your system.

Night Yoga

There are fewer people that choose to end their day with yoga poses. In order for this to work, it means that you have already had your dinner. After yoga, you should prepare and eat something light in order to be able to go to sleep easier.

Choose to drink a bottle of coconut water and an apple. They will hydrate you while make your stomach feel full and satisfied. Alternatively, you can eat a banana along with some almond butter. They are both quite healthy, and they will enable you to go to sleep satisfied. Miso soup is another great option.

One other great tip is to prepare your meal before you engage in your yoga training. This way you will not feel hungry, and you will potentially avoid eating something less nutrition that will do you no good. These are a few suggestions according to the specific time of your yoga training. Feel free to explore several other food categories and make your own diet schedule that will keep you full all day long.

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